In addition to excellent coffee and various side dishes made with fun, you will find great gift ideas!


In our store you will find fine nuts, high nutritional value breakfasts, and coffee from the best growers. Experience indulgence and exceptional flavors!

You can also purchase our gift packs for an original way to share the joy of good food and good coffee. Visit us today and indulge in a culture of flavors and aromas that exceeds your expectations!

Special Festive Creations

We prepare for you compositions that impress and steal the show. Always with professionalism and made with quality and elegance to stimulate all the senses and remain unforgettable!

Variety of nuts

At our store, we strive to provide our customers with only the highest quality nuts. After obtaining the best products, we devote special attention to the washing process, ensuring their absolute cleanliness. We then proceed to a careful roasting process in limited quantities, ensuring that they always remain freshly roasted and extremely tasty.

We carefully select the best dried fruits, either with or without added sugar, in order to offer our customers a variety of products that can complement their diet in a balanced way. In addition, we offer the ultimate breakfast experience, providing high nutritional value bars, as well as biscuits, premium quality honey, peanut butter, tahini and cereals. All of our products are carefully sourced and pure, meeting the needs of not only our children, but also our own customers.

Festive gift suggestions

Sophisticated gifts, amazingly filled with love, carefully selected products and thought for those who wish to express their gratitude. From exquisite mugs with unique designs to baskets and eye-catching arrangements that make you want to keep them for yourself! And always, with professionalism, we take care of creating your corporate gifts, giving them a texture of quality and elegance that stands out. Thus, we offer an experience that stimulates all the senses and makes these gifts unforgettable!

Large variety of coffee

With great pleasure, we release our own dose of happiness by choosing for you products that renew the joy of everyday life. Enjoy the aromatic experience of freshly roasted filter coffee, Greek coffee and excellent espresso, all of high quality, emanating aromas to fill your home or office and start your day in the best possible way.

The selection of milk chocolate, white chocolate and dark chocolate with 70% cocoa is also exciting, embracing the palate with flavours that exceed expectations. And of course, we offer caramelized nuts, creating a taste experience that makes one wonder: if not us, who else could provide this ultimate indulgence?


Get the energy you need with your favourite coffee and the accompaniment of your choice.